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Research & publications

Recent publications by CPC associates include:

Sharon Bessell


  • Beazley, Harriot, Sharon Bessell, Judith Ennew and Roxanna Waterson (2006), What Children Say: Results of Comparative Research on Physical and Emotional Punishment of Children in Southeast Asia and the Pacific , Save the Children Sweden, Bangkok.
  • Robinson, Kathy Robinson and Sharon Bessell (eds.) (2002), Women, Gender and Development in Indonesia, ISEAS, Singapore, 2002.
  • Thomas, Pamela and Sharon Bessell (1999), Education for Sustainable Development, The Development Studies Network, Canberra.

Conference and Workshop Presentations

  • ‘Good Governance, Gender Equality and Women’s Parliamentary Representation: Ideas as Points of Disjuncture’, presented to the Connecting International Law with Public Law: En/Gendering Governance Workshop, The Australian National University, Canberra, 6-8 August 2012
  • (with Annette Michaux) ‘What does ‘Community’ mean for Children?’ presented to the Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Melbourne, 25-27 July 2012.
  • ‘Bridging the gap between vision and reality: Upholding the human rights of children in alternative care, presented to the Social Work Social Development World Conference, 8-12 July 2012.
  • ‘Charters of Rights for Children and Young People in Out-Of-Home Care in Australia’ presented to the International Conference on Law and Society, Hawaii, 5-8 June 2012.
  • ‘What Children in Australia Say about Community’ invited paper delivered to ‘Community Studies: Italy, Norway and Australia’ seminar, Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 10 June 2011.
  • What is ‘Quality Education’? presented to the Childhood Research Seminar, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford, 13 June 2011.
  • ‘What does ‘community’ mean to children?’ presented to the Social Inclusion & Childhood and Society Seminar Series, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus, 14 June 2011.
  • ‘Education beyond Enrolments’, paper presented to the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships’, University of Edinburgh, 23 June 2011.
  • ‘She talks to me and she remembers my birthday: Relationships as the basis for children’s participation’, presented to the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth, The University of Sheffield, 28 June 2011.
  • ‘Beyond Enrolments: Learning from Children and Young People’s Views and Experiences of School and Education in Fiji, presented to NOSEB public lecture series, Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 12 May 2011.
  • ‘Relationships as a Basis for Children’s Participation’, presented to the Children and Families Research Centre Colloquium, Macquarie University, 10 September 2010
  • ‘Rethinking the Relationship between Human Development and Education: Beyond Enrolments’, paper delivered at the UNDP/ACFID Consultations on the 2010 Human Development Report, 13 April 2010, Canberra.
  • ‘Forgiven and forgotten? Children’s Rights and Preventing Abuse in Care’, paper delivered at the ANU, Public Lecture on the Forgotten Australians, 9 December 2009.
  • ‘Children and Young People’s Perspectives on Education in Fiji’, presented to the PNG and the Pacific Update, 8 December 2009.
  • ‘Improving the Quality of Education in Fiji: Children and Young People’s Priorities’, presented to the Pacific Island Update, 20 October 2009.
  • 'Making Measurements of Poverty Gender Sensitive' Address to the Annual General Meeting of UNIFEM Australia, 23 October 2009.
  • ‘Increasing the Proportion of Women in the National Parliament: Opportunities, Barriers and Challenges’, presented to the Indonesia Update, The Australian National University, 9-10 September 2009.
  • ‘Gender and Food Security’, invited paper to UNIFEM Spring Launch, 1 September 2009.
  • ‘Rights-based research with children’, invited paper to reflexive practices group at the Institute of Child Protection Studies, The Australian Catholic University, 11 August 2009.
  • ‘Poverty measures and gender sensitivity’, paper presented to the Assessing development: designing better indices of poverty and gender equity Workshop, Centre for the Mind in Nature, University of Oslo,12-15 March 2009
  • ‘Research with Children’, paper presented to the ARACY and NSW Commission for Children Think Tank on Involving Children and Young People in Research, 11 November 2008.
  • (with Jarrah Hoffman-Ekstein), ‘Children’s agency in communities’, paper presented to the ARACY Nationwide Grid, 27 November 2008.
  • ‘Proportional representation, political parties and patriarchy: Understanding the low proportion of women in Indonesia’s National Parliament’ presentation to Crawford Seminar Series, September 2008.
  • ‘Youth livelihoods in Fiji’ presented at the Fiji Updates, Suva and Lautoka, 22 and 24 July 2008.
  • ‘Policy, Research and Children’s Participation: The case of child labour in Indonesia’, presented at the ‘Seen and Heard Workshop’, University of New South Wales, September 2007.
  • ‘Children, Work and Citizenship: A Framework for Policy Development and Analysis’ paper presented to the Asia Pacific Childhoods Conference, National University of Singapore, 17-20 July 2006.
  • ‘Comparative Study of the Physical and Emotional Punishment of Children – Ethical Research with Children’ (with Roxanna Waterson) presented at the Asia Pacific Childhoods Conference, National University of Singapore 2006.

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Tahira Jabeen

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